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Pronunciation: \ˈī-təm\
Function: noun

1: a distinct part in an account or series
2: an object of attention or interest
3: a separate piece of news or information
4: a couple in a relationship

Born in Soho, New York City, sits a visionary boutique that puts its emphasis on esthetics and mood. Jewelry and accessories that tantalize every pallet, from the austere to the elaborate; items inspired from the earthly to the ethereal. We want the item to shine and be the topic of conversation; the design, the material, the workmanship and the beauty it conveys becomes the preemptive focus on withstanding the scrutiny of time.

The designs come from all over the world and are not limited to solely existing collections. We strive to approach every designer and collaborate on creating unique pieces that you will only find at item. Our in house designers also make 100% exclusive pieces that can be found nowhere else.